How Retail Brands Can Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend

How Retail Brands Can Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend

Tax-Free Weekend is upon us! Most retailers are very familiar with the back to school season. In the middle of the sweltering August heat, it’s the second biggest shopping season in the United States. Last year, Americans spent $27 billion in back to school shopping; for retailers, capitalizing on this time is an unquestioned must. … Continued

how technology has influenced the travel industry

How Technology Has Influenced The Travel Experience

Samsung is currently trying a new advertising strategy (after concluding that consumers don’t want exploding cell phones as much as their initial market research suggested). Instead, the software firm is peddling their latest market entrant as a travel companion: the phone can act as a translator, boarding pass, high-definition camera, navigator and more. Since the … Continued

Prepare to take a vacation

How To Prepare To Take A Vacation

It’s near the middle of summer, so you and your coworkers probably have some big plans for vacation. It seems there’s always friends and family to visit, new places to see, and more adventures to be had. Are you completely prepared to comfortably leave work at work? Below are tips to take into consideration when … Continued

4 White Hot Digital Marketing Trends for Summer 2017

4 White Hot Digital Marketing Trends for Summer 2017

Remember the pre-digital days? Driving to the music store to listen to your favorite artist’s newest album. Referring to the newspaper for local movie theater showings. Waiting weeks to rent the newest top grossing film from the video store. Future generations will simply never understand the way of the world before the web, and with … Continued


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