What to Expect After a New Website Launch

What to Expect After a New Website Launch

At Caledon Virtual, we’ve been in the business of building new websites for years. And if a brand new one is in your future, it’s handy to know the types of things to expect right after a website launch. Why? Because these are the things you might not be thinking about, and if you don’t … Continued

How Emojis Are Changing Online Communication

How Emojis Are Changing Online Communication

Emojis. You’ve seen them everywhere. From text messages to Oxford Dictionary’s 2015 Word of the Year and a recent summer movie featuring the messaging characters, it seems like we can’t get away from them. We’re not complaining though, they’ve definitely made our job easier…and more profitable?; Despite recent popularity, Emojis have been around for over … Continued

How #GivingTuesday and CSR Go Hand-In-Hand

How #GivingTuesday and CSR Go Hand-In-Hand

While the grand feasts of Thanksgiving begin, families across the nation are digging deep in their closets, searching for their warmest jackets, while dusting off their thermoses to prepare for a different type of tradition.  As the early settlers landed on Plymouth rock, they unknowingly started the oldest American traditions – Thanksgiving. So naturally, just … Continued

Bud Light Is Not #UpForWhatever

Bud Light had a huge opportunity on its hands. A chance to become an advocate of changing the culture towards rape and sexual assault in our society. Based on the image here, that did not happen.


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