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Foundations of Digital Marketing

Although terms like SEO, organic traffic, and page ranking can feel like a lot of smoke and mirrors on an otherwise solid marketing plan, digital marketing is today’s advertising challenge. Accept that challenge, and your business will thrive. Disregard it, and you are left in the dust behind your competition. Today, it is virtually impossible … Continued

Effective Small Business Marketing During a Global Crisis

Running a business during a crisis is stressful. There are more demands on your time than normal, and the overwhelming noise of questions in your head can be deafening. You may even feel paralyzed, wondering which major issue or problem to tackle first as you try to stay afloat. If you have any business problems … Continued

The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

You’re busy – we know this. Running a business takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, which means that it’s nearly impossible to maintain an active presence on every single social media platform out there, especially the obscure options like ones for the wealthy, people at airports, and the aesthetically challenged (yes, these are … Continued

6 Free and Cheap Apps for Creating Videos

6 Free and Cheap Apps for Creating Videos

In today’s marketing landscape video is becoming increasingly prevalent for a very simple reason—people like to watch videos. You may have heard of a little corner of the internet called YouTube. Video is easy to digest, and it provides a soothing break from the heaps of text-centric content consumers constantly sift through each day. And, … Continued


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