#FollowFriday: Les Bourgeois

To say we’ve had great weather this summer is an understatement. For Missouri it has been exceedingly cool which has led to many evenings spent with friends on various patios around Columbia. That of course leads to the debate as to which establishment has the best patio. There’s no bad answer to this question, but when push comes to shove, you just can’t beat the view from the A-Frame at Les Bourgeois.

Why should you give your like or follow to the folks at LBV? Honestly? Because they are some of the friendliest folks you will ever run across. Curtis Bourgeois and his staff really focus on taking care of their customers. They ensure you’ll have that perfect romantic dinner at the Bistro or a great time on a lazy Saturday afternoon and evening watching the sun set over the Missouri River.

Their presence on social media makes us feel like we’re a part of the LBV family. And that’s the sign of a great marketing strategy. When you make your customers feel like you are their best friend it gives you plenty of different ways to communicate with them. Gaining that level of trust isn’t an easy thing to do, and Les Bourgeois has been doing it for years. So go on, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter and go have yourself a bottle of your favorite wine at the A-Frame tonight.


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